Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Try this: The Econ 101 Database

Big thanks to Jodi Beggs at Economists Do It With Models for developing the Econ 101 Database back at the end of January. The database includes lots of links to recent news stories, helpfully organised by topic-based tags, and each one includes a description on how it can be used in teaching. Even better, Jodi is updating it regularly with new material.

For example, this week in ECON110 we have been covering taxes and subsidies. Jodi's database points to this article from Slate, with the comment that it "Gives an example of how people not understanding marginal tax rates and how the tax system work to scare people into thinking that moving up to the next tax bracket is going to leave them with less money overall after taxes."

My students can probably expect things from the database to pop up now and again (although now that I've highlighted it on my blog which many of them read, I'll need to be selective!).


Other related teaching stuff:

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