Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Try this: The economics of "The Office"

Dirk Mateer and friends (Daniel Kuester at Kansas State University and Christopher Youderian at Pareto Software; Dirk is now at the University of Arizona) have done it again. Their latest contribution to using pop culture to illustrate economics concepts is The Economics of The Office, which I was alerted to by a description of the site in the most recent issue of the Journal of Economics Education. The videos are generally short, easy to use to start a discussion or illustrate a concept in class or lectures, and the variety of concepts (which you can browse through) is broad. Macroeconomics or microeconomics - there's something for everyone there.

On a related note, Dirk Mateer's website is highly recommended for teachers (and students) of economics, especially the media library. See also this earlier post from me on cornering the market for Christmas toys (also based on a video from The Office).

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