Friday, 2 January 2015

Try this: "We the economy" short films

If you're looking for a series of short films that explain economic concepts or key features of the modern economy, it's hard to go past "We the Economy". Each of the 22 films in the series is directed by a leading filmmaker, and each film focuses on some aspect of the U.S. economy or on some economic concept, answering a key question (like "What causes a recession?", "What is money?", or "What are the causes of inequality?"). The films are grouped into five 'chapters' covering the basics of the economy, money, the role of government, globalisation, and inequality. Every 5-8 minute video is well worth watching, regardless of whether you are new to economics, or a seasoned lecturer looking for something to use in your teaching.

My personal favourite was "Supply and Dance, Man!", although "The Unbelievably Sweet Alpacas" is also hard to beat. The human shadow puppets in the "Recession" video are pretty cool also. Thanks to Vulcan Productions and Cinelan for putting this collection of shorts together for us. And there is more bonus content available on YouTube.


[HT]: Jodi Beggs at Economists Do It With Models, who has a starring role in one of the videos, and an uncredited cameo in at least one other.

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