Friday, 6 March 2015

Economics majors have the most sex!

Given the title of my blog, I couldn't really let this pass for too long without some comment. Last month, Ninja Economics pointed out this report on Students and Sex 2012 (PDF) from the UK (see Huffington Post too). According to the report's 'Inter-course League' table (no, I'm not making that up), students studying "Economics and related" courses have had on average nearly five sexual partners. Second was "Social work, community care and counselling" and third was "Marketing". "Environmental Science" and "Theology and comparative religion" are at the bottom of the table. Take from that what you will.

We've been talking about opportunity cost in ECON100 and ECON110 this week. The opportunity cost of something is defined as "its cost measured in terms of the best alternative foregone". When thinking about the best alternative foregone when attending lectures, this bit from the report becomes interesting:

Of course, that's all students not just economics students, but maybe it goes some of the way to explaining low lecture attendance at the end of O-week - is the opportunity cost of lecture attendance too high?

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