Thursday, 4 June 2015

ECON100 Video Project (2015 A Semester)

I've been a bit quiet on the blog this week, as I'm been sick. But I have a bit of a backlog of things I want to write about, so regular readers can look forward to a few days of consecutive posting.

Today we had the ninth ECON100 Video Awards, our regular end-of-semester ceremony/revision session where we celebrate the best of the semester's student videos. Students had been asked to create a 3-4 minute YouTube video and this semester we didn't have a theme. Instead we asked students to illustrate some of the economic concepts from class.

The judging was quite challenging again, but we were able to narrow the field to a selection of finalists. The seven finalists were shown in class, with students voting for their favourite.

The overall winner for best video, and winner of the Oscar trophy, was the group of Tessa Jenkins, Cade Fleming, Grace Macgillivray, and Christian Kelleher, with the video Farmonomics:

The award for students' choice for best video went to the group of Nathan H'Ng, Grace Burnett, Taina Nicholas, and John Vanderwee for this video:

I personally congratulate all of the award winners, and all the students who created videos, on their efforts. The standard of videos this semester was high as always.

Also, congratulations to Joseph Climo, who walked away from the final class with ZIM$10 trillion, as the winner of "Who wants to be a 10-trillionaire" (for those in the know, I couldn't offer $100 trillion this semester, as I couldn't find one on Trademe!).

Links to the winning videos will be put up on the Waikato Management School's Facebook page tomorrow (along with photos of the winners). Tell us what you think about them!

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