Monday, 16 June 2014

ECON100 Video Project (2014 A Semester)

The blog's been pretty quiet over the last couple of weeks, due to a combination of the end-of-semester crunch time, June deadlines for a number of my research projects, and my impending nuptuals.

The week before last we had the seventh ECON100 Video Awards, an end-of-semester ceremony/revision session where we celebrate the best of the semester's student videos. Students had been asked to create a 3-4 minute YouTube video on the theme "Things all students should learn from first-year economics".

This semester we again had an overwhelming number of groups participating in the video project, and this made the judging quite challenging. The eight finalists were shown in class, with students voting for their favourite.

The overall winner for best video, and winner of the Oscar trophy, was the group of Sim Farrar, Holly Brien, Whitney Wineti, Erin Kerr, and Keegan Hurd, with this video parody of ABBA.

The award for students' choice for best video  went to the group of Josh Steel, Jordan Greene, Alex Bulloch, and Levi Melville for this video called 'Absolutely Classic Econ'.

I personally congratulate all of the award winners, and all the students who created videos, on their efforts. The standard of videos this semester was extremely high.

Also, congratulations to David Rickard, who walked away from the final class with ZIM$100 trillion, as the winner of "Who wants to be a 100-trillionaire".

Links to the winning videos are also up on the Waikato Management School's Facebook page (along with photos of the winners). Tell us what you think about them!

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