Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Try this: Who to vote for this (NZ) election?

Are you unsure which political party to vote for, and you want to know which party best matches your values? The Design+Democracy Project at Massey University has updated their excellent On The Fence tool for the 2017 New Zealand general election. The results when I took the test just now were spot on (for my first and second choices, but not for the third).

There are other similar tests to On the Fence around, like this one from This tool from The Spinoff requires a bit more effort than just taking a test, but is well worth it if you have the time.

If you want to know more about your political beliefs you could try the Political Compass test, which my ECON110 class does for extra credit every year. The Political Compass is pretty interesting because it ranks us on two scales: Economic Left-Right, and Authoritarian-Libertarian (see here for more). I also like it because at the end it shows how you compare with famous world leaders. However, I do think that the 'centre' between the economic left and right is not correct for New Zealanders (in my experience based on several years of ECON110 classes, the centre for New Zealand is maybe two points to the left of the centre in that test).

Try them all out, and make a better informed decision this election!

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