Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Try this: Rockonomix

For the last several years, ECON100 students at the University of Waikato have had the choice of completing a written assignment, or a group video project. You can see the last two years of project winners here and here. Which is why I read with interest this short piece (gated, but only one page long so the 'first page preview should allow you to read all of it) in the latest issue of the Journal of Economic Education, about Rockonomix.

Students create a music video and replace the lyrics to a popular song with new lyrics based on an economics theme. Over the years, several of our ECON100 videos, including some of the winning ones, have done this. They have a national competition every semester - the Fall 2015 competition is just underway.

You can see the winner of the previous (Spring 2015) contest here, from Nyack College:

Perhaps we should introduce this model for future video projects at Waikato?

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